Who should join?

Any person in the USA who is a part of the live events industry

  • W2 workers
  • Freelance/1099 workers
  • Self employed Individuals
  • Small Businesses
  • Large Companies & Corporations

We are 12 Million Strong.

The Live Events Industry is:

  • A powerful contributor to the American economy, supporting more than 12 million jobs
  • Delivering over $1.3 Trillion in direct and indirect economic impact in the U.S.
  • Delivering more than $1 Trillion in direct spending globally.

Americans attend live events in nearly every facet of their life whether for business or leisure. Our workforce is essential. We are the faces behind the events that most will never even see. And right now, we need to come together in a way that has never existed before, from every segment of the live events industry, and show our strength in numbers. Your membership adds to our strength:

For custom partnership level with additional benefits, please contact Partners@liveeventscoalition.org.


This donation will go towards paying for the membership dues for those in our industry who are unable to afford them due to hardship caused by COVID-19